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The Michelin Travel Maps and Guide Collections

by Simon Nicklin
Michelin Partner Maps and Guides Collection

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The Michelin Travel Guide Collection

Since Michelin first published guides in 1901, our collection has concentrated on helping travellers find the most beautiful natural sites, providing comprehensive background information and great restaurants and hotels. The guides feature the most interesting family days out and themed driving tours from one to several days, together with numerous itinerary ideas. Year after year, this information has been updated, improved, modified and checked.

More than 100 years after the first guide was published, Michelin’s goal remains the same: using its specialist knowledge to bring readers a selection of the region's most beautiful sites with star-ratings, with accurate town and site plans and suggestions for driving tours, weekends away, short-breaks, places to stay and restaurants. Michelin’s Travel Guide Collections are an ideal companion for cultural travellers, widening horizons, opening up new possibilities and helping to create wonderful memories.

The Michelin Guide


The Michelin GuideThe Michelin Guide caters for individual tastes and budgets: Bib Gourmand for an affordable and enjoyable meal or starred restaurants for special occasions...You can also choose a hotel in all confidence from cosy guesthouses to luxury hotels. To add to your Michelin experience, you will also find a lively introduction to big cities, a themed and regional index, detailed mapping as well as information on tourist sights and attractions. (Minimal text is in the language of the country)

To make your stay memorable, the MICHELIN guide has an easy-to-use format, featuring: 

  • Thematic indexes to help you make the right choice
  • Cultural and practical information
  • Cuisines from around the world, in all price bands
  • City map locating the guide's hotels and restaurants
  • Photos and lively description for each entry, including prices


Over 20 destinations to choose from

The Green Guide


The Green GuideThe information-packed guide for singles, families & couples, helping you to plan before you leave with rich and accurate content with must see points of interest, with countless addresses for accommodation, restaurants, and shops with a selection for all tastes & budgets

Each guide has a very extensive introductory section with practical information and pre-trip tips, chapters on history, art and culture (particularly strong on architectural styles, explained by excellent drawings), fauna and flora, etc. Fold-out flaps in the book covers provide an overview of the recommended sights and/or car tours.

Key features 

  • Attractions reviewed and rated, using Michelin’s celebrated star-rating system from 1-star to 3-stars
  • Michelin walking and driving tours offer a more in-depth, personal experience of the region.
  • Walk-throughs of major museums, galleries, churches and attractions; includes illustrations and floor plans to zoom in on the highlights of major attractions.
  • Large, fully-illustrated sections on a region's nature, history, art and culture, all written by experts in their fields.
  • Sidebars throughout the guide focus on intriguing topics
  • Detailed visitor information given for every attraction, opening hours, entry fees, tour times, phone, website, with Michelin area and city maps.
  • Includes recommendations for great places to eat/stay for all budgets.
  • Designed for the discerning traveller, Michelin Green Guides feature comprehensive, detailed and concise travel information.

FRANCE, EUROPE, WORLD + TOURIST & CULTURAL REGIONS (44 Guides in our collection)

Camping Guides

Camping GuidesIn the Michelin tradition of classification, the guides offers a quick reference for evaluating the categories of camping sites from 1 to 5 tents and features a comprehensive index, practical information on each campsites, regional mapping as well as lively introduction to the area illustrated with colour photographs: (An introduction for each region in French & English, each establishment is classified with symbols)

Key features

  • GPS co-ordinates for each campsite
  • Regional Mapping pinpoint each campsite 
  • An index of locality and table of regions to quickly select a campsite
  • Complete and practical information on each campsite, such as rate, natural settings, etc.
  • Lively description of the regions covered in the Guide illustrated with colour photographs.
  • A lexicon of common camping terms

FRANCE, EUROPE, (2 Guides in our collection)

Michelin Short Stay

Short StaysFor a 24-hour visit, a weekend or longer, Michelin Green Guide Short Stays Guides are your best bet. Michelin rates all sights and activities, grouped by location, with its time-honoured star-rating system and suggests great places to eat and stay. Travelers will experience the best an area has to offer, whether visiting historic houses, exploring stately moss-draped 19C plantations, or tucking into innovative Southern American or European cuisine. 

Key features

  • All sights are carefully reviewed and star-rated to ensure your time and money is spent wisely.
  • Color-coded sections help you quickly focus on what to see, do and know for an exciting travel experience
  • Michelin Man symbol highlights top activities.
  • Selection of the best hotels, restaurants, for every budget. 
  • Modern two-column layout in an attractive magazine style. 
  • Full-colour photos and mapping throughout. 

When time is short for travel or for trip planning, Michelin Short Stays help you do it all. Europe and USA (5 Guides in our collection) 

Tourist & Motoring Road Atlases

Tourist & Road AtlasesMichelin Touring & Motoring Atlas series are the perfect companion for an enjoyable and safe drives in Europe and the USA. Convenient and easy to use thanks to a choice of spiral, paper and flexi bound covers, Michelin Motoring Atlases will provide you with precise and reliable information with its annually updated mapping and local driving regulations. The route planner as well as the time and distance charts will help you plan and optimise your journey. Tourist sights, leisure facilities and scenic routes will add pleasure to your journey. 

In addition to clear and accurate mapping, the Michelin Motoring Atlases feature: 

  • Detailed mapping with a scale
  • Mileage chart and journey times to help you plan your journey
  • Key to Map Pages to quickly access your region of interest
  • Motoring regulations
  • Town plans for easy navigation in urban areas
  • An extensive place name index to easily identify the destination of your choice
  • Comprehensive and detailed key to symbols used
  • Tourist information with place of interest and leisure facilities
  • Scenic routes, cross-referenced with the famous Michelin Green Guides, with towns underlined in green 


National - The Country Map

National MapsMICHELIN National Maps will give you an overall picture of your destination thanks to its clear and accurate mapping scale from scale 1/150,000 to 1/28,500,000. Michelin National Maps will help you easily help you identify the different countries of the world, their administrative boundaries as well their main road networks. With MICHELIN National Maps, find more than just your way! 

Key features

  • Up-to-date mapping
  • A scale adapted to the size of the country
  • A clear and comprehensive key
  • Distance and time chart
  • Place name index
  • Driving and road safety information
  • Tourist sights information
  • Red in colour

75 Maps covering 60 Countries

Regional - With Practical Information

Regional MapsMICHELIN Regional Maps from scale 1/200,000 to 1/2,400,000 will provide you with an extensive coverage of primary, secondary and scenic routes for your destination. In addition to Michelin's clear and accurate mapping, regional maps include all the practical information for a trouble free journey, including major town plans as well as tourism information to make the most of your journey. With MICHELIN Regional Maps, find more than just your way! MICHELIN REGIONAL MAPS include practical information for a trouble free journey and show primary & secondary road networks.


Key features

  • Administrative boundaries 
  • Scenic routes and tourist sights
  • Place name index
  • Time and distance charts
  • Plans for a selection of major towns
  • Michelin safety alerts (steep gradients, dangerous routes etc)
  • Practical information: danger alerts, service stations, picnic areas
  • Orange in colour

59 Maps covering 10 Countries

Local - Detailed & Comprehensive

Local MapsThe MICHELIN local map series, scale 1/150,000 to 1/220,000 is the ideal companion to fully explore your destination and provides star-rated Michelin tourist itineraries and attractions, as well as impressive 3D relief mapping. MICHELIN local maps are perfect for cyclist and outdoor enthusiasts with over 20 leisure symbols, extensive coverage of cycling paths and nature trails. With MICHELIN local maps, find more than just your way! MICHELIN LOCAL MAPS provide detailed coverage of France and Italy, are perfect for fully exploring these countries and are also ideal for cyclists.

Key features

  • Impressive & realistic 3D relief mapping
  • Michelin selected itineraries and must-sees of the area 
  • A clear and comprehensive key with 20 leisure symbols, as well as cycling paths and nature trails.
  • Star rated tourist sights and attractions cross-referenced with the famous MICHELIN Green Guides. 
  • Plans of main cities and a comprehensive place name index 
  • Yellow in colour

61 Maps covering 2 Countries

Zoom - The Tourist Map

Zoom MapsThe Zoom collection is characterized by the high precision of their detailed scale, specially adapted for very touristy areas or with a high density road network, including new developments and industrial areas. In addition to clarity, reliability and up-to-date information, all Michelin cartography features include a wealth of practical information: places and monuments of tourist interest, picturesque tours, areas for sports and leisure activities ... Useful plans of cities and a practical index of localities. Also the maps contain places of interest and signposting of tracks for bicycles and greenways. MICHELIN ZOOM MAPS scale 1/53,000 to 1/1,267,200 is perfect to discover major tourist areas, with a high level of details in an easy to use format. 

Key features

  • Various leisure activities, such as water parks, tourist trains, horse racing, etc.
  • Scenic routes and tourist sights crossed referenced with the famous Michelin's Green Guides 
  • Camping sites information from Michelin's Camping Guides
  • Hotel information from the world famous MICHELIN Guides
  • Green in Colour

42 Maps covering 5 Countries & 3 Island Nations 


City Plans

City PlansIn addition to Michelin's clear and accurate mapping, the city plans will help you explore and navigate thanks to its full index, its comprehensive key showing places of interest and tourist attractions, as well as practical information on public transport leisure facilities, service stations and shops! For meetings, shopping trips or simply exploring, let MICHELIN CITY PLANS show you way!

3 different collections to match your style, Paper, Laminated & Streetwise

Key features

  • Car parks, one-way and pedestrian streets, public transport 
  • Practical information - from hospitals and service stations to entertainment and shops. 
  • Comprehensive street index
  • Tourist sights, places and buildings of interest
  • Useful numbers and internet sites

33 City Plans - 19 Laminated Plans - 62 Streetwise Plans


Publication and Year

You may see a publication date for our products older than the current year, but don’t worry even if the ISBN publication date is not for the current year – all of our products are regularly updated and we highlight the actual edition date in the description so you can be assured that we are always sending you the latest and most current edition.

Our maps are regularly updated even if the ISBN does not change.