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Map 130 - Massif Central (scale 1/200 000)

Product Code : 9782067212046
Map 130 - Massif Central (scale 1/200 000)
Scale (cm): 1:200,000
Size (mm): 250 x 113
Pub Date : 2016
Language: n/a
Format : Map
Map 130 - Massif Central (scale 1/200 000)
Covers Clermont-Ferrand, Le Puy-En-Velay, Valance, Mende, Rodez

The Zoom collection are characterized by the high precision of their detailed scale, specially adapted for very touristy areas or with a high density road network, including new developments and industrial areas. In addition to clarity, reliability and up-to-date information, all Michelin cartography features include a wealth of practical information: places and monuments of tourist interest, picturesque tours, areas for sports and leisure activities ... Useful plans of cities and a practical index of localities. Also the maps contain places of interest and signposting of tracks for bicycles and greenways.
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