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Germany Green Guide

Product Code : 9782067197558
Pub Date: 02 Feb 2015
Size (mm): 223 x 120
Language: English
Format: Paperback
The updated Green Guide Germany is your key to a well-organized trip in this country of remarkable scenery, dynamic cities and fascinating history. Lose yourself in the fairytale woods of the Black Forest. Stop for a stein of beer in Munich, some marzipan in Lübeck ,or a glass of wine along the Romantic Road. Cruise down the Rhine Valley, bike around Berlin, or drive through the Bavarian Alps. Michelin's celebrated star-rating system, color photos, respected maps and trusted advice ensure an unforgettable journey.

· Updated edition. 10th edition, with full-color photos and plenty of detail
travelers look for.
· Attractions reviewed and rated, using Michelin’s celebrated star-rating
system, from the awe-inspiring scenery from the three-star German
Alpine Road, to the wind-swept and fragile beauty of the one-star North
Frisian Islands.
· "Inspiration" section for great travel ideas.
· Practical Information section now split between "Before You Go" and
"On Arrival" for quicker reference.
· Walk-throughs of major museums, galleries, churches and attractions;
includes illustrations and floor plans.
· Choose one of the multiple Michelin driving tours across Germany,
such as the Lake Constance area; or stroll Hamlin’s historic streets of
fairytale fame. Michelin walking and driving tours offer a more in-depth,
personal experience of the country.
· Comprehensive illustrated sections introduce modern Germany, its
history, architecture and culture—all written by experts in their fields.
· Sidebars throughout the guide focus on intriguing topics, such as the
stories of “Eau de Cologne” and the Lüneburg Heath.
· Detailed visitor information given for attractions: opening hours, tour
times, entry fees, phone, website. Michelin area & city maps.
· Includes recommendations for great places to eat/stay for all budgets.
· Travelers to Germany looking for comprehensive, detailed travel
information. Discerning travelers seeking unique, enriching travel
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